Studio 8 Crashes When Importing JPGs.

I have a 3 second animation (24 fps, 72 frames total) that was drawn on onion paper, scanned, retouched in Photoshop, then exported to JPGs. When I create a new project in Toon Boom Studio 8, then click File>Import, select the JPGs, click open, then OK with “Fit to Screen Width” checked, the program crashes after about 15-30 files loaded. Also, I tried to figure out how to use bones with the Silly Alien tutorial, and every time I toggle off “Connect Character Set-Up Mode,” the application stops responding for about 3 minutes, and sometimes crashes.

I’m running Windows 8 64-bit.

I tried importing 10 at a time, but after 42, I get Error [E1215].

Apparently I have to start a new scene.

Program crash again. This assignment is due Tuesday. This is not worth $200.

I believe I may have found the problem pertaining to importing JPGs.

I thought maybe the file size might have something to do with it, so I went back into Photoshop to reduce the file sizes. In doing this, I found that some of the JPGs were saved with blank animation frames.

Now, I understand that Photoshop probably isn’t your concern, but this might be good to know about for future reference. When a PSD file has multiple animation frames, and the user selects the “Save As” feature, rather than “Save for Web,” it will save a JPG with extra data. I’m not sure if this is supposed to happen or not, but it was every key frame that had the extra data, and my animation packets (PSDs) all started with a key frame, and contained all frames up to, but excluding the next key frame.

To fix this, I opened the JPG with extra frames, then selected “Save for Web,” and replaced the file.

When I imported all of the resized (and fixed) JPGs, they all loaded.

I apologize for overreacting. Now my only problem is that the program still stops responding and crashes when toggling off “Connect Character Set-Up Mode.”