Studio 8 Book for absolute beginner

Does anyone know of a book about Studio 8 (or earlier if it covers the basics).
I am trying to do something which most of you will consider very, very simple in Instant Animation to help my wife who is very hard of hearing learn ballroom dance steps. I an not an animator, I have bought Studio 8 because it looks as though it will do the job but I am completely lost and there doesn’t seem to be any fundamental instructions for a 75-year-old idiot.

I have never seen an actual book but if you want one to print out, try this:

Click on the ‘Support’ link at the top of the TB website,
Then click on Documentation. This will open up a new page in the browser with ‘Toon Boom Help’ in the heading. Scroll down until you see a ‘PDF Download’ link. Click on that.
This will bring you to a ‘Toon Boom PDF Document Download’ page. Scroll down until you see Toon Boom Studio. Click on that. You will see three options. Click on your version, ‘Right Click’ on the “Getting Started” link and ‘Save Link As’. This will prompt you to save the file somewhere on your computer.

Once downloaded to your computer you should be able to print out sections from the pdf that pertain to your needs.

Hope that helps.

This is a short book (15 pages?) for version 7 but 8 is not so different that you could not gain by reading a book on 7. It is free. The documentation that comes with the software may be more thorough but I like to read EVERYTHING I can find. It helps to see the same information presented in different ways.

Here is a post that includes several sources of information:

Many thanks clintwilliams96. I have done as you suggested and started reading.
It was very kind of you.

It is short, isn’t it. But very useful. It was good of you to take the trouble to answer.
My Thanks.