Studio 8.1 won't run on Mojave

Hi all,

I was running Studio 8.1 on my 8 year old Win7 pc fine, until the pc started dying. I saved my half finished animation files and picked up a 2016 macbook pro cheap, but it had been upgraded to Catalina and TBS wouldn’t run on it saying I needed to either have an older OS or upgrade to the newest Studio 8.1 (around 300 for a permanent licence!). Since I need to finish the animation, I downgraded my macbook to Mojave (via bootable USB and partitioned the HD) but now it won’t run because “licenseWizard cannot be opened because of a problem”. So now I have a downgraded mac, and still no TBS. Any suggestions?


Hello Py,

This is an issue for our support team, who you can reach at !

There are a whole bunch of variables here and their expert skills will help troubleshoot this for you.