Studio 5 won't open anymore

Hi- My Studio 5 launches, but is effectively non-functional now. it won’t open projects or create new ones, or anything else, the top menu bar grays out and I have to force quit the application. I tried deleting the version I had, then downloading and installing it again, but no dice. I’m currently running OSX 10.8.5 and last time I used TBS5 it ran fine. Any suggestions?

Thanks! That did the trick- deleting the program as well as several toonboom files in the library, application support, etc and then reinstalling Toon Boom.

Google “how to completely remove software from a Mac.” Thoroughly delete every remnant then reinstall after a reboot.

If you have fast enough hardware you could even run a pristine installation off an external drive but that drive would need its own OS installation. TB software needs to run on the same drive partition as the operating system.

An example, I replaced my internal hard drive with a SSD. I removed the old drive and placed it in an external casing. During the transition I booted from the external drive which still contained everything and gradually built up the new SSD drive installations. I have been running Animate Pro like this for months now, not having finished the transition yet.

The original drive with the operating system and software is running as an external and is 7200RPM connected with Firewire800. Technically the operating system thinks this drive is the main drive when I choose it as the boot drive even though it is physically an external drive.

You could also have multiple partitions and do a special installation of operating system software and one or more programs to accomplish something similar. The goal is to run a clean installation of TB software.