Studio 4 Released !!

Dear members,

It’s finally here, Toon Boom Studio 4 with a brand new user interface.

Hope you guys like it. It’s ready for download from the My Products page.


Thank you,

sweet! sucks I just got to work, but something to look forward to :slight_smile:
can’t wait to really play with this

I am wanting to upgrade my Toon Boom v3.5, to the V4.00, having downloaded the the other version when I purchased and registered
As I understand it I need to know the licence number, I cant find it any where. What can I do about that?

When I purchased it I had payed you direct with an international money order made payable to the company in Canada.

I would like to have the upgrade from a CD/DVD if possible please.

I have experienced a virus problem and while I have still retained the 3.5 on my hard disk I would like to completely re-install so that a new CD would be necessary.

Could any one please inform me how to procede, on this matter?

However a download is possible for a quick problem solution with a CD to

An urgent responce would be great please.

Rev, Wena Dian Parry


Concerning this issue you should get in contact with our sales team. They will take care of explaining the procedure to get a physical CD.

Best regards,


I finally upgraded and am downloading it now. Exciting!