Studio 4.5 damged file won't open. Any tips for data retrieval?

I’m trying to retrieve some drawings from a damaged file. I extracted them using show package contents and then copying to my desktop, but can not import the drawings (tbd) to the library/exposure sheet. Have an earlier copy of the file but may have lost hours of work.
Any tips for data retrieval or file fixes?

The tbd file stands for Toon Boom Drawing. These are the actual vector drawings that you create with Toon Boom Studio. Those files cannot be opened in any way with Toon Boom Studio, they are accessed through the links contained inside the tbp file. The only way to get those files into a project, other then the one in which they were created, would be to create a second project with in which you create a drawing with the exact same name and afterward replace the newly created drawing with the one from to old project. Basically you are creating a link to a drawing file and then substituting an identically named file in its place. Be aware that this method is not the easiest one to get drawings transferred , you should use library templates instead. This drawing substitution method is mostly used for recover drawings from corrupted projects.
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Article taken from “Cartooning in Toom Boom Wiki” Toon Boom Studio File Format:

I managed to restore most of the animation by copying all the tbd files from the package contents folder to the older saved copy. Thanks.