Studio 4.0 very slow in Vista

Hey, all. I seem to be having some slowdown issues with TBS 4.0. This is my first foray into the TBS software. I’ve used Anime Studio before, but liked the traditional feel of this software better. It’s unfortunate I’m having this problem.

The problem itself is slow operation. All of my menu work fine, I can re-arrange everything to dual monitors, everything is fine except for the actual art creation itself. All of my brush strokes have around a 1-3 second delay, making it impossible to draw. My specs are listed below.

My PC:
AMD Athlon 3200+ 2.2 Ghz
2.5 GB PC 3200 DDR Memory
(1x) 250 GB Western Digital Cavalier HDD
(1x) 500 GB Western Digital Cavalier HDD
Visiontek ATi Radeon X1950 Pro (256 DDR3)
Wacom Graphire 3, 6x8.

I have image quality cranked down, hardware acceleration turned on and memory usage set to unlimited (it nevers seems to take more than 100 MB, however). Kind of hard to draw with a 2-3 second delay. Thanks for the help.


First thing I would do is change the renderer from OpenGL to Direct3D if that is not already done. Then restart the application and see if you get any better result.

Something else you could try is to trigger off the airgraph (I think that is how it is named) feature of Vista (the thing that makes all the window looks like brushed glass window). I know Vista is taking a lot out of the video card to sustain those effects so turning some down might increase the overall performances of your machine.

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