studio 3.5 question

Studio 3.5 eh?
Could some one tell me if it has a single button to turn on and off the light table as one of it’s new features? This is currently my pet hate in v3.

what about an ‘L’ key?

Can you be more specific? The auto-light table toggles on and off with a single key. So I am assuming you are refering to onion skinning and the way it requires seperate adjustments for next and previous drawings. This on the surface seems like extra work but in practice it isn’t. Flash has a single button for onion skinning but then you must adjust the frames shown depending on how you work which always causes us to have to do extra steps anyway. Plus Flash doesn’t have different color assignments for previous and next drawings ( a great feature that TBS has). So by assigning hot keys to the onion skinning commands you can actually set onion skinning as easily or more easily than in Flash. The only real potential deficiency in TBS onion skinning is the limit on the number of previous and next drawings it will display. This is normally not a big deal, but occasionally it is useful to be able to see more than 2 previous and 2 next drawings.

I’m not saying your “pet hate” isn’t significant, but I can think of several thinks that I find far more irritating. Like, for example, the fact that when you create a new “anything” (element, swatch, pallet etc) you have to do an additional step to name it instead of the act of creating the new “whatever” just automatically opening the naming dialogue as if people aren’t going to need to change the default names.

Also, the fact that color pallets can’t be transfered in tact between projects without a bunch of additional work. (this I believe may have been addressed in 3.5, bravo!) -JK

hmm, onion skinning can also be switched on with a single key → either a q or a w. the reverse action with a shift-q or shift-w, appropriately…

Topic fit again for my question, so i don´t start new one.

Is there coming any little fix-patch for 3.0? Where is fixed bugs which had appeared from latest 3.0 version. I bought V3 just on June, and find already some little bugs, and some free patch would be nice :smiley:

WOW, thanks Rob, I had seen the short cut reference to using shift-q or shift-w but I had never tried q or w. I just checked it out and to my delight you taught me a new trick. It actually cycles through the commands so that I can set the number of previous or next layers visible just by repeated presses of the q or w keys. I really will have to spend some more time re-reading the keyboard shortcuts PDF document. Thanks for pointing that out, as I totally missed it. Which once more proves the value of these forums. Thanks again -JK

you’re welcome :slight_smile:
to be frank, my favourite working method is one hand on the keyboard, the other one with the wacom pen, so i check any shortcuts reference thoroughly :slight_smile:

there is a patch 3.0.1. btw, which bugs have you discovered?

well, there´s at least these couple which i found

When undo moving pegs keyframe, that moves peg to begin of timeline. And another was also on timeline. It´s little difficult to exaplain (and my english is limited :wink: ) But if i want to change “free playback range”. That menu , when press mouse right button, don´t come if timelines up-down scrollbar is somewhere else than upper position.

And some not-bugs, but some little functions, which would be usefulls. I had write those under “Suggestion for Toonboom Studio”-topic.
And i understand that also v3 owners must pay if there on 3,5 update comes some notable features. But it would be nice, if there would be free, little patch for v3 owners :wink:

And which i had noticed here on conversations and when using TBS. That there´s some problems when using bitmaps on TBS. TBS crash more easily than just using vector graphics.

I got version 3.0.1.(084)

With best regards

i haven’t reproduced ‘your’ bugs yet, but i’ll check them if i find some spare time.
and yes, v3 users are supposed to pay $99 for the v3.5 upgrade.

Hey everyone,

Glad you seem enthusiast with the new release of Toon Boom Studio. There has been some big changes in the peg system which fixed most of the problem you have mentioned rawhead as for the latest bug you have reported we will try to fix it for the release but if it is not it should be fixed soon afterward. Unfortunately there probably won’t be any fixes on Toon Boom Studio v3.0 once 3.5 is out so we can focus on fixing problems for the new version and develop new technology for the ones coming after.

As for JK, I do believe your pet hate should be considered and I will see what could be done about it (I do to believe that it is odd that everything gets automatically named without having the option to name it yourself). Although I must say that for the elements in general, if you use the + button of the timeline you can actually name the element you create as you are in the process of creating it. You probably already knew about this but I just thought it would be a good thing to mention in case you didn’t.

Keep sending your questions and suggestions we are still opened to all of them.

Best regards,


Thanks for the feedback Ugo, the naming thing is more of a “gosh wouldn’t it be a nice thing” to not have to do the extra step to always open a rename dialogue. It is hardly a big deal though. Keep up the good work, we appreciate it. I’m much more excited about what I’m starting to understand about the improvements to V3.5 particularly the one about color pallet sharing. Thanks -JK

Thank you Ugo for quick reply again. You should have somekind of bonus on to your salary , looks like you sitting front of computer all the time and answering to us :slight_smile: . This i call customer service! :slight_smile:

Okay, color me confused…

Is V3.5 out or not? The product page makes it sound like it is already out and available for purchase, but here you’re saying "once 3.5 is out."

Just curious, as I just bought V3 this week and haven’t installed it yet. If V3.5 is available, I’ll probably order it and jjust start with that and, if not, I’ll go ahead and install V3.

It’s being released in September and if you bought 3.0 after Aug. 1 you should get the upgrade free.

I was just at Siggraph and got them to show me some of the new 3.5 features. They were running a beta.

Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been away.

I should have been more specific. What I want is to be able to turn off both previous and next onion skins off with one key.
For example:
When inbetweening I have the previous and next onion skins on but I want to quickly turn them off and on to check the motion. As it stands this is not possible and breaks the work flow by having to press too many keys.
I made a feature request for this ages ago and I believe someone at TB thought it was as good idea.

You can edit shortcuts on preferences. [Edit-menu]–>[preferences]–>[shortcuts]. And onionskin keys is on “view menu”-category. Hope this help :slight_smile:

Sorry, read too quick your post. Yes, that would be handy, if BOTH (next and previous drawings) goes off same time with one key.

Well, i tried and set them to keys F11 and F12, and it´s pretty handy to press them same time. Yes, this is kind of emergency solution :).