Studio 3.0.1 - Crash when click on Elements menu

I’ve got Toon Boom Studio build It’s been stable, except: When I select one of the cells in the exposure sheet and click on the ‘Elements’ menu, Toon Boom closes.

This is with a small project with 8 frames in it (vectorized drawings), 3 elements, two scenes. It doesn’t do that for all my projects, just this one. But it does it every time with this scene of this project. Never with the other scene (has only 1 frame, one element so far).

If I add another element then that makes it immune. But if I delete the added element, it is succeptible again.

I checked, using the windows task manager, there’s lots of physical memory available. I started a new topic for this one since this one didn’t involve running out of memory or using bmp files like the other recent posting did.

Sorry this is so long-winded. Trying to give helpful clues. Is this a known issue?


Toon Boom Studio build
WindowsXP SP2 (up to date on Windows Update)
Dell Latitude D820
Core Duo 2GHz
2GigBytes RAM

Hi Alan,

Do you think you could zip the file and send it to use via e-mail at

If this is a problem related to the project we might be able to reproduce it and find a solution to if.

If the project is too heavy send us an e-mail and we will tell you how to send it to us.

Best regards,


OK I sent it to that email address. The subject is the same as the posting title.

Thanks for looking into it!


Good News!

I succeeded in getting it to crash and the crash message had the name of a Nvidia video driver file in it. So I got an updated video driver from the Dell web site and the problem has gone away.

What made it crash was when I turned on OpenGL instead of Direct3D and disabled video hardware acceleration. It didn’t like that at all. I also had to reinstall Toon Boom (I guess that also could have fixed it).

So I have a new video driver, I have Direct3D and hardware acceleration turned on. Thanks for the responses.