Student Version of Harmony 17 extended to June 1st Will not activate license

I am a College Professor at Phoenix College in Phoenix Arizona. I have 15 students using the Student Version of Harmony 17 that Toonboom graciously extended the license so my students could use Harmony at home to finish the semester. I’m finding now that the licenses are expired and my students have tried to activate the license again without success. If you could please fix this I would appreciate it very much as my class is now dead in the water without licenses to finish the semester.

Hellp Rimcrazyph,

Sorry to hear about the licensing issues your students are running into. Do you mind reaching out to us via ? This will allow us to loop in our licensing department, who will help get you back up on your feet and over this issue as fast as they can!

Thanks, I just got an email from my supervisor and he contacted your support and we are back up running. Thanks much!