Student Needs Help!!!

I’m a student and I need help.

I created a charter for rigging, made it all neat and tidy and then saved it. The next day I opened my file and I could see the layers, but my character was not visible. After troubleshooting it to see what worked i can now see my character in drawing mode. I cant see my character in camera mode. I have just started using Toon boom and have been following tutorials from every place i can think to look and a few places threw my school. Im not sure what to do please help and please give a very descriptive answer. :ghost:

Which version of Harmony do you have?

  1. Have you checked the ‘display’ menu that might be somewhere on your interface or on the timeline? Try ‘Display’ or ‘Default (Display)’ if it isn’t the one selected or ‘Display All’ to see if something changes. If your layers only appear on camera with ‘Display All’ selected they might be unconnected from the main composite. Assuming you don’t have Harmony Premium and a Node View, you can connect the layers to the composite by right-clicking on them and select Connect to Composite… on the lower third of the menu. If that was the problem, make sure you’re not working with ‘Display All’ because if you do when you create new drawings they might be unconnected from the main composite.

  2. Do you have hidden layers on the timeline? Click on the eyes icon on the top border of the timeline, on the left, to deactivate and then again to activate all layers (see if all layers have the eyes icon on the left activated).

Luis Canau

Hi Lcross1, could be a few things, do you have a camera setup in your project which may have moved far away from your drawings that you can not see them in the screen? If you get stuck, i’m happy to take a look at the project files for you if you wanted to send them over.

Cheers, Jason

Harmony and Storyboard Pro User


Are the drawings on the frame 1 and the cursor in another one?

You have to extend the exposure (F5) of every drawing in order to see it in all frames.