Student License Terms/Conditions?

Hello, my name is alchenderson.

Recently, I purchased a student license for Toon Boom Harmony, but I can’t find the Terms and Conditions anywhere. Searched in the Help section of the software, searched the website far and wide, Googled it a whole bunch, but I still can’t find anything. Specifically, I’m looking for the restrictions that I have with this license.

I know I can’t monetize anything I make, but does that exclude contests? What about websites like Newgrounds that automatically put advertisements before videos? Is there any documentation that outlines what I can and can’t do?

Any help you could give me is significantly appreciated :slight_smile:

If you are showing your student work where another entity generates income through ads to keep that place in existence you are not using the software for commercial purposes. It is expected that people will need to show off their student work created with academic software participating in contests, forums and job search sites in order to compete with other people looking to gain entry into a field.

This specific concern really needs to be addressed and posted where it is easily located. You should contact Toon Boom directly. Please reprint their response here in the user forum for everyone’s benefit.

[ source ]

"15. Commercial Educational Version End-user License

If the EDUCATIONAL version of the SOFTWARE has been licensed to YOU as an EDUCATIONAL END-USER, YOU may not use it for, or distribute it to any other person for any commercial purpose. YOU are not entitled to use the EDUCATIONAL version of the SOFTWARE unless YOU qualify in your jurisdiction as an EDUCATIONAL END-USER. YOU agree to implement reasonable controls to ensure that your use of the EDUCATIONAL version of the SOFTWARE is so restricted. YOU agree that TOON BOOM may audit your use of the EDUCATIONAL version of the SOFTWARE for compliance with this License Agreement at any time, with or without notice. For purposes of this section 15, “EDUCATIONAL END-USER” means primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, vocational schools and training centers, public libraries, youth organizations and institutions providing organized educational programs to students (including mature students) and young people, and their respective students, teachers, administrators, staff and board members, purchasing the EDUCATIONAL version of the SOFTWARE; “EDUCATIONAL” version of the SOFTWARE means that version of the SOFTWARE targeted and geared specifically towards the needs of EDUCATIONAL END-USERS."

Nothing yet, but thank you for outlining this for me! I haven’t been able to find anything on this - these forums are a godsend! :slight_smile: I’ll post their reply as soon as I get it.

Okay, here is their response:

"Hello Alexander,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

If you indeed want to participate in a contest, your educational license would not allow it. Please see this portion of our end-user license agreement:" (same license agreement you posted)

Thank you for your help! :smiley: