Struggling with camera moves

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Fairly noob question here but I am struggling with camera moves:

I have a camera in a scene that animates fine from one position to the next (followed a couple of tutorials). However, if I add another camera move to another panel in the scene then it adds the keyrame to the existing camera move in the timeline (it just extends the dark grey area between the two already existing camera keys adding a 3rd and any consecutive ones I add). How do I stop it doing this?

I know it’s probably something basic but I just can’t find out how.

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Basically I’m asking how to add multiple camera moves to a scene :slight_smile:

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You have to remember to add the end keys to each camera move. So for instance you have 6 panel scene with 2 camera moves in it. Let’s say we start wide on a hillside, track(zoom ) in closer(camera move 1) - hold the camera there for a panel or two, and then we want to pan to the right for a little to end it (camera move 2)

First put a ‘Begin Camera’ keyframe at the very beginning of panel one and an ‘end camera’ keyframe at the end of that panel.
Set up your track in, wide to start, close to end.

That’s cam move 1 in place. Now, to maintain the framing through say 2 panels all you need to do is add another ‘end camera’ keyframe at the end of the last panel you want held.

Then, in order to start the next cam move, you add a ‘begin’ at the beginning and an ‘end’ at the end and do the move.

Your scene should then start wide, track in, hold for 2 panels , then track out.

The trick is to use the ‘end’ to make each move final.

Hope that helps.

i’ve done a quick vid. made some mistakes in it but recovered lol!
it’s quick and dirty but you get the point hopefully

make sure to check out the official vids too. they are good sources of info!

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