Strokes take too long to complete; Cannot start new line

I’m having an issue when drawing with the Brush or the Pencil.

After drawing a line and picking up my pen, if I try to draw again the line will usually connect to the previous line.

There is a small blue circle at the end of the stroke - when I draw while this is there, it will connect. When it disappears, if I draw a new line, it will not connect.

The problem is, sometimes the blue circle just does not go away. I’m assuming the blue circle going away means the stroke is processed? Why does it sometimes end immediately and sometimes never stop?

Anyhow, this basically makes the program inoperable from a drawing standpoint.

If anyone has any tips, I’d really appreciate it!


What version of the software are you using?
It might help to see a screenshot of this blue circle and the
rest of the interface of the software.

To speed-up the line drawing, try going into the preferences
and on the “Advanced” tab moving the slider for
“Delay before drawing vectorized stokes”

Hey rkriz,
Thanks for getting back to me!

I’m using 5.1, the most recent version. I’m actually currently on the trial version.

Here is a screenshot:

I put a red arrow on it pointing to the blue circle.

I tried adjusting the slider for “delay before drawing vectorized strokes,” but nothing seems to fix this issue.

I’ve also tried various combinations of Run as Administrator, using Windows Ink and more. Nothing really seems to fix it.
I’m not sure it’s a performance issue on my end, as I consistently use high resource programs like Photoshop and video editing software.


The blue circle is showing the drawing tool size and shape.
You can disable this in the preferences on the “Tools” tab.
(Brush Size Cursor).

In Photoshop you are never loading nearly as many images
into the graphic card memory as you are in Storyboard Pro.
Editing software work by loading/unloading things from the
graphic card memory on the fly, they are optimized for this.
You can’t do this with a storyboarding software because you
need the images there immediately to interact with using the
drawing tools. Loading and unloading them would slow the
software down considerably.

Which particular graphic card model is installed on your computer?
How many monitors are attached to your computer and what
are their screen resolutions?