Stroke Width


I’ve just started learning Animate.

In my finished animation I wish to introduce numerous camera pushes, typically a very long push from LS to CU.

Whilst using the brush tool I’ve noticed that as I zoom in the view (simulating a camera push), the strokes outlining my characters become increasingly thicker the closer I get.

Is there any way round this?

Many thanks,


Hi Lilly, thanks for the reply.

Presumably, the better option is to redraw
the character for the ECU?


Thanks, that makes sense now.


There’s no way around this in Animate.


Yes I’d say the best way to do it is redraw it for the ECU. Now just keep in mind that if you draw with the pencil tool, then you can just make a couple of duplicate drawings, and select all your lines and change the stroke width. If you’re going to redraw anyway, and if you don’t need thick and thin lines, then consider drawing with the pencil tool. Sometimes it can at least be handy to keep a starter drawing with the pencil tool then convert from pencil to brush when you need to get your thick and thin.