Stroke warning dialogue

Please, once I have clicked ‘Don’t show this message again’, never show this message again. Showing it every time I open harmony is quite annoying. I know that I’m using stroke, I chose to use a specific line that is stroke width. Now I have to see if this warning dialogue box is anything important, realise it isn’t, and make sure I click that box so that it doesn’t keep interrupting my work flow.

If it is a concern that people will be confused when nothing shows up as they are drawing, please allow me to have an option in the preferences box that goes something like ‘REALLY never show the stroke warning dialogue box again.’

I would greatly appreciate this.

Agree. That warning could appear the first time after you install the software or, as suggested, being possible to deactivate it on preferences.

Yeah, would love to be able to toggle it off. I know that if i hit the stroke tool and it’s not showing up that i need to turn on strokes manually. I mean it’s great for beginners but doing it every time i open a file is a pain in the butt.