Stroke Tool


I got something funny last night using the stroke tool that I never saw before. It didnt happen every time I used it so I’m not sure what the trigger is yet, but about 50% of the time my screen would shake back & forth real fast as if someone was shaking my monitor. Wasn’t a huge deal since it didn’t happen every time but strange nonetheless.
As long as I have my trusty Ctrl-Z I’m all good, but it did make it quite impossible to draw a straight(ish) line.

If I notice it again I will try to isolate the trigger, but is anyone familiar with this happening?

I have previously had some issues with the use of the stroke tool. Nothing significant, just a bit disconcerting. What happens is that when drawing with view strokes ON and drawing with the stroke tool I have sometimes seen what appears to be a long strait line or trace of a line flash on the screen. But there is nothing there except my drawn stroke when I am finished drawing so it is just a distraction at most. I’m not sure why this occurs and it could be a video driver or Wacom driver conflict etc. I will have to test if this occurs in prior versions as I have V3, V3.5 58 and V3.5 99 all usable on the same machine which is a MAC equipted with a Cintiq. It has not interfered with using the stroke tool at least not for me so far. -JK

yeah it really wasn’t a major issue, but as you said, distracting at times. The best description I can give is that it was like someone shaking the screen about an inch back & forth really fast. If I tried actually drawing the stroke when it was happenning, the line came up way off of the spot it would have been if the screen was still. However, it seemed that as soon as I took the pen off my tablet & tried again, everything was fine. It happened a handful of times but the skipping only started once the pen tip touched the pad, & then seemed to fix itself just as fast.
As long as it doesn’t happen every time I’m not too worried about it, just seemed curious.

Sorry, that is different from what I have experienced and in fact I just tested it again and the suspicious strait line only occurs in V3. Neither of the V3.5 versions has this issue. -JK

Hi Kdog,

The thing you are experiencing is most like video card related. When you draw something the OpenGL view needs to be refreshed and it may sometime seem as if you just minimized and optimized that view. Playing with some of the settings in the Display tab of the preferences might help but in any case this should not affect your artwork.

Best regards,