stretch multiple keyframes / rescale keyframes

Would be nice to be able to modify the duration keyframe-animation in a relative way, stretching or shortening it… similar to what you get in AfterEffects when you hold ALT and drag click on a selection of keyframes.
pleeeeease please pleaaasee
love u


Harmony has a script called “TB_StretchKeyFrames”.

But it seems to be buggy.
It works quite well on key frames. But, it doesn’t work as expected on drawing exposures.

I also couldn’t figure out what the “Value” digit and the “Push Key Frames” checkbox are good for. :slight_smile:

Ok, I found out that “Value” is the first frame and that the “Push Key Frames” option moves the key frames after the selected frame range accordingly, instead of overwriting them.

gotta figure out those scripts… seem handy… but something like ALT+holdClick like AE would be so nice :slight_smile: