streaming online

what is the best way to export and compress a TB file so it is streamable online? i export my TB file as an swf then i use dreamweaver to set it all up, but it lags and jumps. ive minimized the file all that is possible.

well i figured out a couple things that is making my file size so large. I redrew a few images i imported from illustrator, it took about 10mb off the file size. my project is about a 3 min animation, and my file size is roughly 29mb. is that a normal size for an animation so short?


I think 29 mb is not that bad for a 3 minute project. If you consider the project to be at 30 fps that would mean:

3 (minutes)*60 (second)*30 (image per second)= 5400 images total in your project.

If you divide the total weight of the project (~29.000 ko/5400 images) this gives an approximate weight of 5 ko per frame of animation. Now for sure if you lower the frame rate (which may already be the case) you should greatly reduce the size of the animation in the end. This being said you need to plan this before the project starts (or cut frames manually after readjusting the frame rate to keep proper timing). Also be aware that sound can be quite heavy (basically we do not compress sound so it just stack the size of the original to the file size).

Now one thing you may want to consider is trying different file format (swf/quicktime/avi) and codecs for you may find some that gives good compression while keeping a very convincing quality.

Hope the information above helps you out.

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