Strategies To Reduce SWF Movie File Size ???

Is there a way to clone a drawing element and use that clone in a different scene from its sibling element? I know that I can create a template and link that template into many different scenes, which saves on published file size, but those scene elements have to be media elements which I understand can only have their timing adjusted. I’m tying to save file size in my multi scene SWF movie but still be able to add cells if needed into some cloned drawing elements in multiple scenes. I usually am good at figuring this stuff out but this area of asset management and file size is confusing. Thanks in advance for any help or alternate strategies for reducing file size in multi scene movies. -JK

Hi JK,

I tried to look but else then the media element I don’t really see how it could be done. I will put this as a feature request for future versions.

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Thanks Ugo,
I suspected as much. I’ve read the manual many times, as well as the help system documents, both of which are far more useful than many people might imagine. But I figure it doesn’t cost anything to ask here on the forums. This isn’t a significant short coming so when you talk to the development team, it is a low priority type thing. Using media elements works fine for saving file size so this was just a desire for some extra flexibility but there are other ways to handle this so as I said above it is low priority on the “wish list”. Right now my two biggest new features “desired” for a future version are additional “notes” to assist in the production work flow. One type of new “note” would be “scene notes” attached to a scene in the scene manager panel and the other type of notes are sound element notes that show in the exposure sheet and in the sound editor for capturing track reading related comments. I know that there is a similar capability available currently but it is specific and limited to lip sync. We actually have a need for sound notes beyond lip sync to address timing to music and other types of synchronization outside of just dialog. So if you want to champion some new features on our behalf these are two things we really would like to see implemented. As always thanks for your support-JK