Strange transparent selection appeared

Hi everybody,

The first time I encountered such a problem. When you select an object, it becomes transparent or even invisible. Light Table and Onion skin are off. I tried to change various settings in preferenses and in the menu but nothing has changed. Maybe I don’t know some setting? Who knows please help me.


It may be due to the graphic card or its settings. You may wish to contact support to have a look on your system.

One quick thing you can try is going into the preferences and from the “OpenGL” tab select “Alternate Gradient and Cutter”. Close and re-open Stage after doing this to see if it helps.

hi, bu.
because you add a gradient layer mask on top, right?

If it is, then this is normal, I have had before.

if not, post many more screenshot and more information, please.

Hi again,
No, I didn’t use gradient mask.

The whole day I tried to find the problem, I reinstalled the application fifteen times and finally found what the problem is. This is a bug of Toon Boom. As soon as you change the value in opasity in Layer Properties objects that you select with transform tool or translate tool become transparent or disappear at all. But the main problem is that if you change the value of opasity to original 100 you can’t return it to normale state. To make matters worse, this problem will remain in your Toon Boom forever, until you reinstall the software and delete all folders with settings. Most likely this problem must be addressed to the developers of software because this is serious glitch.