Strange shotcut behavior

I have a strange behavior if i add “Pan” keystroke to my pen.

In wacom tablet properties i have selected Storybard Pro, on bottom pen buttom i have made a keystoke “space for pan”. Now when i go into Storyboard pro and try to pan
it starting to draw insted of paning. If i draw first then try the “Pan” on the pen it works.

I am on Windows 10 and i have the newest firmware for Intous pro 5

Does anyone know of this issue?

Which version of Storyboard Pro are you using?

And which Wacom driver?

Also before first using a hands tool, can you confirm if the Stage view or Storyboard Pro Windows is active (selected) before you try using a shortcut? Normally, when Stage view is active, you will see red box around on that view as well as Storyboard Pro windows is not greyed out.

Tested both Storyboard Pro 4.2 and 5 with Wacom driver 6.3.17-3 worked.

If it still does not work, please contact for a remote session