strange problem with symbol

its kinda hard to explain this problem, but i will explain it the best i could.

I created this character out of different bodyparts for cutout animation. i made a walking cycle of the character. I made him walk across the screen, but then i noticed something weird, one of his body parts seems to stick out of place. for instance, i noticed when i move the symbol of the character in the main time line, some of the body parts actually dislocate from the character, so if i move the character to the left, the leg in this case tends to break apart for some strange reason, and if i move the character to the right, the same thing happens. but if i move the character in the middle, the leg actually moves into position again.

So the strange thing here is that sometimes, when i move the symbol of the character, the body parts somehow get dislocated.,

Is anyone familiar with this problem?

i actually wanted to address this issue (i have experienced a similar behaviour after exporting the sequence to flash, and then re-importing into tb studio), but i still have to examine the pivot points’ positions thoroughly.

a simple flipping of a body part results in a consequent violation of the pivot point order and the part seems to ‘seek’ the original transformation centre in order to restore the missing ‘fluidity’, it’s my impression, but i have to scrutinize it more.