strange problem with pegs

Hi people…

i got a strange problem with the pegs, i use them before but now when i use a peg, and use the animation tool to create the motion path but isn’t appear i just see a line with no paths… so, my animation don’t move just change one position to another like i don’t do anything.

please help

It sounds like you created a constant segment between your two motion keyframes. Check on the timeline to see if a connecting line is displayed between the two keyframes that define the end positions of your motion path on your peg element. If not, select the first motion keyframe on that peg in your timeline and right click to open the context menu and select set non-constant segment. -JK

Yeah, that was the problem… i went to the preferences and look in the sceneplanning option, and the “create constant keyframes” was checked.

But thanks a lot anyway, men. I appreciate your help