Strange kind of pen delay

Whenever I draw on harmony I have this strange kind of delay where the pen/pencil is not actually lagging, but there is this initial delay where the first second of drawing does not respond. After that first second the pen/pencil does catch up and then I’m drawing like normal.

This makes drawing chicken scratch or just doing rough outlines incredibly irritating because all lines take less than a second to draw. So I end up in a situation where I just can’t see my
lines because that initial delay makes up the majority of very fast short strokes.

I also noticed that when I hold the pen to my computer long enough a white circle shows up and the computer right clicks.

if this helps my computer is a Microsoft surface pro 4
-intel core i5

It the system has an Intel graphic card, clean the registry and re-install
the graphic card driver. Re-configure your auto-updates to only apply
the Windows Security updates otherwise they will re-apply the update
that damages the Intel graphic card OpenGL drivers.

Having the exact same problem, it’s super weird because it’s only just started recently and it’s the same case on multiple computers for me.


Are you also on Windows and using a Surface Pro 4?

Have all of these computers received a recent Windows update?

Just on my desktop, don’t think I’ve updated windows recently.

I had a Surface myself about a year ago and can confirm this issue.

go to edit preferences advanced then uncheck qt wintab and relaunch

This works. Can confirm. Thank you Zulu161 for saving me some headache.


This LEGIT works! The lag is gone and I can use the program with ease! OH MY GOD, THANK YOU!

Thank you so much zulu161! This problem was driving me crazy!

Thank you, this forum should have an option to upvote a post as the solution.

This worked for me as well after I started getting a significant pen delay after a fresh install. Thank you so much!