Strange glitches in Toonboom

Hey, I need some help.
At my work, my intern has been experiencing some time consuming and strange glitches of sorts. She’ll animate one day and everything will work fine for several days, but then something will seriously glitch. One time all the characters in the scene had just exploded all over the screen, across all three axi. This resulted in a month of work being deleted. Today, just one character was affected, but all the drawings were somehow shifted, like some of the eyelids were moved away from the face, but not all, and they were even scaled up. There was no error message upon booting up and no change to the computer. No one else works on the file and we can’t figure out why these random changes happen. If anyone can tell me how to fix or even find the problem, that would save us so much time and money.

Attached is what we’re looking at. That is NOT supposed to happen!

Hello, I’m also having the same issue now too… When I opened my project file especially a previous version, I see that my character has been moved as if someone had access to my files and messed them up. It has happened on the free trial version of Harmony Advanced that I downloaded and my Harmony Essentials is also being affected. It’s really frustrating even when I have a project that I need to finish before the day it is due. Help! Is there any workaround on this?