Strange Export Issue [Filters]

I’m trying to export a movie from Toon Boom Animate Pro 3, and when I’ve applied a filter at the Movie Export window, it fails to… Well… Apply it. It shows up in the summary along with the format and everything, but the exported movie doesn’t have the filter. I chose a fairly obvious filter (Film Noise) so I know it’s not too faint to notice or anything.

I tried several exports using different filters and none worked for me as well.

I contacted Support and this is their response:

“Yes and this is by design. All filters and effects should be done in the software
itself. The movie filters and effects are disabled.”

After this response I wondered if these worked in Animate and not in Pro but they didn’t work in Animate either. I am waiting for a response from Support regarding why the option is there at all when it is disabled.

How absolutely bizarre.
Thank you for your help.

The option is there because it is the standard interface for Quicktime which is used for exporting Quicktime movies. The filters and resolution are blocked because the software itself will be modifying these settings (effects and project resolution). It works this way in all Toon Boom software.