Strange Cursor Misalignment to Cintiq Pen

I am having this strange issue with the cursor in Toon Boom Harmony 10.0. When I was using my Cintiq to start drawing, somehow the stroke does not come from the “crosshair” cursor where my pen tip is at. Instead, the strokes are coming from a small dot that is away from the crosshair.

Anyway to fix this problem?

And I have attached a drawn image of that cursor I speak of (Somehow I cannot screen-capture the cursor; It would be too small to notice).

I am sure, i am stupid, but it is not a problem of settings?

I wished it was, but if it were, then I’m having a hard time finding it somewhere in Preferences.

I have had a similar problem. Wayne in tech support figured out that I had some files from another driver installation on my computer. Harmony does not like this at all. This can take some time, especially on a Windows machine, but see if you have any files that relate to anything other than your current driver for your current Wacom device. You could throw out / uninstall everything from Wacom and do a fresh install of the current driver. That might fix your issue and take care of some computer housekeeping. It’s very easy to wind up with a pile of legacy code on a computer.

So how do I go on about of finding these files? Or am I better of uninstalling my whole Wacom Cintiq and just re-install it again?

Like I mentioned, you can try uninstalling everything from Wacom, and then do a fresh install. This will be the easiest thing you can do - if it works. If that doesn’t work, then you need to know how to search for files on your computer. Turn on ‘show hidden files’ in you file window. Some files may not have obvious names, so look for files that have the same exact time stamp as your original wacom installation. If you are having trouble with any of this, then you may need to have a friend to help you [at] your computer. It will not be easy to explain further as a forum topic