Strange clicksound between the sounds on tbs4???


I have recently upgraded my tbs from 3,5 to 4 and i have noted that when i import or copy the same sound so the it can repeat itself over and over, that now on the v4.0 tbs starts to creat some strange click-scratch sound between the sounds. Like tbs are refreaching itself between the sounds!!!

Is it possebly to fixing this so it works without this strange irritaded click-cratch-sound ???


One thing I am wondering, instead of importing the sound over have you tried to simply copy and paste the sound from the timeline at the end of the sound (basically copy the frame range of the sound bring the red cursor the the frame after last one and copy).

If you do this do you get the same behavior?

Also are you currently streaming your sound or not?

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Yes… i have tried both copy and import the same sound directly after the previous sound. And i have tried with or without streaming (if you mean the option when editing the sound?)

Yes… i get the same strange scratch sound. Its sounds like tbs is adding something whether before or after the sound. if you want to have the same sound repeating itself you get this empty scratch between the sounds. Its not flowting like i hade in v3.5

I have even tried with two sound element, which you are switching with the sound. And it nearly works if you are overlapping the sounds one frame (if you understand what i mean).

The only solution i have for the moment to make it work is to edit the sound in some other sound program and more and less make youself an longer version of the sound.

Hmmm. what to do?

All best!

Hi Again!

I have the same gap problem even if i export the movie. I exported Qicktime mov, H.264, uncompressed sound, stereo. If you wish i can send you a sample???

Maybe it is Quicktime itself? I have v7.2!

All Best!

Hi Marq,

Would it be possible to send us the sample. This maybe something with the sound interacting with our software. Which software do you use to edit the sound?

You can send the file to

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Yes i can send you some sample.

No, i dont think that the sound itself is interacting with the software. The only thing that i have installed recently is TBS4 and Quicktime from 7.x to 7.2 after i hade installed TBS4. And now afterwards (today) QT 7.3. Didnt know that a new version where out!

The software im using to edit the sounds is “audacity”. And to make sure that its not is the software i installed “soundforge9”. The result is the same thing.

Im sending two sample one made by audacity and one made with soundforge. Im sending a mov. for each test! Using H.264 with uncompressed sound, stereo!

Something that strikes me is that maybe i should reinstall TBS4. I havent tried yet! But if im gonna do that it have to wait 2-3 weeks. I have some anim to make first.

Best regards/Mark