strange bug with AI-import

ich have a real strange bug with importet AI-files resp. with animate in general:
sometimes the outlines of my imported charaters switch to red?!
it’s not repeatable, it just happens suddenly, i cannot say when and why. the only thing that sometimes helps is doubleclicking the symbol in the cameraview and the outline switches back to black.
very strange. ???
even when i export a quicktime, the outlines might become red …
i tried to export my artwork from AI as swf-file. that seems to work, but it’s an annoying workaround, to be honest …
any suggestions?

thanks in advance!

here some screenshots:

i’m working on a mac pro with the full version of animate, btw …


The red color means that the color is currently lost (path to the color id is not found of link to the palette was broken).

If you try to use the dropper on the color that is currently showing as red does it point to the proper color try to change the color to something else then come back to the other to try to recreate the link to the palette. Then see if you get better results with the render.



ah, ok.
i’ll try it …

Typiquely when you import an Ai file (or swf) it has to rebuild (recover) the colors from the drawing and create a new palette for those colors. If you ask to Show the palette-list in the Colour view you will see that new recovered(from drawing) palette with a name like Illustrator_palette.rec. It would Rename that palette and make sure it’s saved.

thanks again.