strange bone makeup

I’m still an Animate Pro newbie. The picture shows the view I get when I click the IK tool. All the bones seem to end in a point ourtside the figure ???. Does anybody recognize what I did wrong?

Hi hansR

What exact has happened to your rig is that you have turned on inverse kinematic. That will auto rig your puppet for inverse kinematic animation. But for that to work you will have to arrange the parts of the puppet in a hierarchy.
So before pressing the Inverse kinematic button you will have to rig the puppet and set the pivot points for each part.

How to do that is described in the video tutorials.
You should go through all, it’s a great pleasure. They are really very instructive. Here is a link to one of them.

Best regards

Thanks, Ivar, but I was stumped because I DID rig it and set the pivot points. But now I realize that I changed the figure with added drawing layers and forgot to apply the pivots in the drawing layers to the peg layers by means of the respective script. I’ll do that when I get back to work next week.

One other thing … I noticed that when I select the pivot tool and select a peg layer, sometimes a small red-green-blue cube appears in the center of the camera view (which is where the bones now end), sometimes in the correct place on the figure. But sometimes it is not a cube, but a small yellow circle with a red ‘x’. I have found no reference in the user guide as to what these symbols mean, but frankly, I don’t know how to look them up in the guide.

Any help is appreciated!

Here’s an update. I applied the embed pivots to parent pegs script again, and unfortunately, that didn’t help any. It seems this script doesn’t work for peg layers that are drawing layers.

Still no answer as to what the two described ‘mystery’ symbols mean?

Just to double-check the workflow here - you are using Animate Pro? And are you using Peg layers in your character rig?

You can’t use the Pivot Tool on a peg layer directly. You can modify the pivot on the entire peg layer using the Rotate tool (it moves the pivot on the peg layer itself, irrespective of what’s happening on the drawing layer)

OR you can set the pivots on the drawing layers using the Pivot tool, and promote the pivots up to the peg.

Make sure that the Peg layers, not the drawing layers, are connected in a hierarchy. Also, if you have a peg layer that is a master peg of the whole character, then you don’t have a drawing layer to define the pivot point on this peg, you might just want to use your Rotate tool to set the pivot on this one.

Once the peg layers are all connected in a hierarchy, and the pivots are set, then when you switch to the IK tool there’s another step.

Since you’re using peg layers, you need to tell the IK tool to disregard the original drawing layers, and pay attention only to the pegs. So select all the drawing layers (not the pegs), and then select the option in the IK tool properties, Exclude from IK.

Then you should be able to animate on the peg layers using IK.