Strange behavior after retiming a peg layer

I hit a weird problem with Toon Boom while working on a scene today… I had several drawing layers created, and then had created peg layers for each drawing layer and timed out some motion. Then I decided to retime the peg layers, I deleted the original keyframes and then made new ones with new timings.

After I retimed my peg layers, I was no longer able to select anything on the child drawing layers, nor would the erase tool work (I could still move the objects, rotate them, etc). It was as if the individual objects on the layer were “locked” (yes, I checked, the layers themselves aren’t locked). Has anyone seen this kind of behavior in Toom Boom? I can’t for the life of me figure out what setting I might have clicked to cause this behavior. If I draw a new object on the layer, that’s fine, I can select it, cut it, erase it, etc. Just not the objects I’d retimed with the peg layer.

Sounds like you weren’t in the edit drawing mode. Could you change the lines in the Drawing view?

Also did you use a 3D peg for the layer or the Camera? If your layer is not perpendicular to the camera you are not allowed to draw (or edit in your case) in the camera view.

I can still draw on the layer and edit anything new, just not the old stuff.

I don’t think I used a 3d peg, how do I even know if I am using a 3D peg or not? I had previously used the peg layer but didn’t like the timing and deleted the keyframes and re-timed everything, and that’s when I suddenly couldn’t select any object with neither the marquee nor the lasso tool. I can still move the objects around with the peg tool, I just can’t modify them.

If you don’t know of the 3D you probably didn’t touch it. It’s found in Pegs and Drawing layers in the Transformation tab at the top> Enable 3D.

Maybe you drew in one of the sub-layers instead of the Line art. Check if your artwork is in Line art/color art /Overlay or Underlay.