straight to Illustrator export very much needed

i cant figure out if there is an illustrator export/ output method which preserves all the vectorpoints from harmony 1:1 without reinterpretation.

i only managed to go from harmony via swf. format over to flash and from flash to .ai. with all my original harmony vectorpoints lost.

especially now with the improved illustrator/after effects interoperabillity in cs6 i really need a solid illustrator export function from harmony to feed in harmonydrawn things into that pipeline

The things that might not be imported to Harmony 100 % correctly might be due to any new features that are added recently (after Illustrator 10) since Adobe has enclosed the source code from the public since then so it can not be delivered. To make it sure, save (or export) it as legacy version (10 for example) might have better result depending on the feature you have used.

I can’t figure out how to export ANY vector supported file formate other than SWF which has some problems because it does not seem to support some features such as deformers and line scripts. Are there other vector output formates from Harmony??? Thank you.

You can export to the PDF format which is the same as Illustrator format. You can in fact rename the file by replacing the .pdf file extension with .ai

Hi Ron - I was just looking to see how to import an Illustrator file into Harmony and back. I like Harmony and would rather try to figure out my print work in Harmony then Illustrator. Is there a way to keep the file flexible like that? I tried the PDF thing you mentioned above, but Harmony doesn’t import PDF.

I had the same problem.
I tried exporting .pdf but it is not a vector file, because when I open it in illustrator, it is just an RGB image file.

In Harmony you can export to PDF which is Illustrator format but the bitmaps parts will remain bitmaps and not be magically transformed to vector format.

If you rename the .pdf file to .ai you can import the file back into Harmony. The .ai and .pdf file extensions are interchangeable.

The other thing to be aware of when you export to PDF is what kind of composite you’re using.

Check out this white paper on exporting for print:


I’m assuming that this issue (now 7-ish year old, by the number of similar questions in these forums) is not or never will be resolved. I am working in Storyboard Pro—with vectors— but with no ability to export the vector. Yes, I can export a PDF, but only one containing rasterized graphics (of my SP Pro vectors). No effects, no composite weirdness. Just editable, scaleable vectors inside SB Pro that are silo-ed, probably for biz reasons. The graphics editing tools are too crude to do all that I need. I need to use other tools (outside of the Toon Boom suite). I want the flexibility to edit my graphics the way I want, using standard vector-supporting formats, like PDF or SVG.

And, please, no “white papers.” Crikey!

This among other core UX issues is plaguing Harmony. Think about it. We are working in vectors yet we can’t export the vectors. It’s absolutely insane. We can export every bitmap under the sun but not vectors. Seriously bad. How hard would it be to implement that? Not hard at all. Come on Toon Boom Harmony team.

I already asked them for a vector export option in the sugestions forum and they won’t listen, I got zero replies:

The final output is rarely pure vector once it reaches the final composite.
See the earlier posts for details. Also, Adobe has not made public the
details of how to interpret/connect to the newer features of Illustrator
so the format of Illustrator the public has access to is Illustrator 10 -
pre CS - anything which is quite old and limited.

Illustrator 10 format is still compatible with Illustrator CS. Having no vector export is more limited than having Illustrator 10 vector export.