Straight Brush line w/Pressure?

does anyone know how to draw a straight line with the brush tool and get pressure at the same time? right now the closest I come is by holding down the shift key and drawing. But it literally draws a straight line with no variation.


hi - if your tablet allows for pressure sensitivity you can use the feature with the Brush tool to draw your line freehand. When you use the draw straight line option (shift), it pulls an even line. If you really want to draw a straight line with pressure recording (seems easy right, but there’s lots of calculation involved) maybe try simply using a ruler on your tablet… plz post results! : )


hey romi-

thanks for the reply! the best thing I have found is just to rotate the
canvas to an angle that makes it easier for your hand to draw a straight line.
I’m almost sorry I posted about this in the forum, but I seem to draw a lot of straight lines with tapers and line variation. Being able to rotate the canvas is real handy!