storyborad pro is delaying

i have the newest vision of story board pro and when ever i try to draw on it nothing shows up until i left up my pen even when i set the thing not to delay and my teacher who is a storyboard artist says that should not happen so can you please help me out with that so that i can start draw with that program.

oh and i have a Intel core 7 3.10 GHz card

i email toonboom but they did not really give me an answer they just asked what kind of graphic card and that was it

Hi Joel,

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with the drawing tools.

It’s definitely related to the graphic card.
But the info you gave is not your graphic card.

You can find the graphic card information this way:

You have no issues drawing with Harmony 14?

Knowing the card will really help to know what the issue stems from.


hey i am sorry for the late responds but i thought i would get an email from my gmail but i never saw one my graphic card is intel R Iris tm graphics 6100

Hi Joel72287

Which OS and version are you using?
Are you using a wacom tablet?
Does it get slowed on which tool?

it is a wacom cintiq companion 2 on storyboard pro 5.1 sometimes my cintiq freezes some times and for the storyboard when i try to draw something i have to left it up to see it and sometimes is flashes black screen


I think it is due to the video card in Companion that would happen mostly loading heavy drawings. Actually, as for Windows, it is very important to have a video card fully supporting OpenGL and most of tablet PC or companion has Intel card which is very low in performance and not fully supporting OpenGL.

You can try up-to-date your video card driver if it helps but it will be very limited for certain extension.

In case, here is more detailed hardware spec at