Storyboboard pro 2 editing synhrone

Hi. I use a storyboard pro 2 and have some questions. - at first, if I synchronize some of my pictures and sound, when i work this other pictures in the middle of project synchronize are broken down. What can I do to lock pictures position on a timeline? - and can I add second track for my pictures? - I have 20 min. of sound and 10 min. video, when I pres “play” button it play 10 min. and not all, how can I play a hole project? ???

So you mean that you’ve already synched up something further down the line, and what you’re working on right now is moving those panels later on, right?

I’d recommend that when you’re adjusting the timing, hold down the “Alt” key as you drag between the panels. This will adjust the timing without moving panels further on down the line.

There cannot be a second video track - you can, however, have multiple layers on the images in your video track.

I would recommend just sticking a blank panel at the end and extending the time of that one until the end of the sound.