storyboards quits when exporting to quicktime

Hello,when I am exporting to movie, quicktime *.mov , the program starts but it quits unexpectly. I am not runing another programs.I repeated the process and it happens again. I started the activity program on MAC ), my computer is 9 GB RAM and the process indicates that the VM Size is growing and obviously the Free memory gets reduced, and when the VMsize grows to 9 GB and the free memory is near 100mb or less then it quits.So, something is wrong with Storyboard and MAC in the way that they manage the memory with the mac pro, 4 processors, that when it grows to its maximum memory RAM and it needs more memory it doesnt manage the memory, simple quits the program unexpectly.2 questions:1) How can I export the file completely if this problem is hapenning when I am trying to export it. I need to send the file this week ,oops ¡¡¡¡¡2)Is there a way to solve it via configuration, patch,etc or is the MAC evasion-way of always adding more memory…I was thinking that 9GB were enough for a simple file… …is there a number of RAM memory needed for storyboard pro on MAC ?thanks a lot ???

oki, for the point 1:1) now, I got to export the file by reducing the number of undos, removing unused files, and removing some layers. because I checked the size of the file and it as 8.5 GB…but how to avoid that the problem with the memory happens again?for now I am using only 1 minute of recording and got the memory problem.thanks a lot

It seems your project is really big for just one minute. Do you draw all directly in the system or do you import bitmap images? If you bring bitmap images how big are they? If they are very big it might explain the big size of the project.Have you use the File > Remove Unused files to clean up the project also?What resolution are you outputing to? I saw in another post of you 720x540 or so, is this the case? If you are going to HDTV then that might be the problem because creating a QuickTime in HD resolution will take a big amount of RAM.I think you have flatten but make sure you flatten as much as possible.Are you doing a compression? Which one? H264 as you know is not supported.It would be good to see your project to try it here but 8Gig is too big to send over. I wonder if you could create another project with some of the typical scenes of your big one, something like 1 gig for the project.You could also create that second project and see if you can render from a smaller project.

I just looked at a 9 min project done in brush here and it weighs 1.5 gig so for some reason you have a huge project is 1 min = 8.5 gig.

Hi, thanks a lot,I used some brush and some image files , the largest is 6mb and the smalles is 444 kb. the project has 20 shots, 53 panels, 0 transitions, I am using from 7 to 12 layers, and frame transform by layer and some camera transform, some color textures and some pen textures.yes, I did remove unused I reduced a third part of the file and timing(reducing the time of the shots), and now the file is 5.5 GB.I used the resolution of 720x540, maybe I should have used the 640x480…I already finished to work in this file, so I am going to do the flatten thing.ah, compression type: animationthanks ;D