StoryboardPro Student Pricing?

Hello students and animators!

I am a grad student trying to purchase the student discounted version of StoryboardPro, but I keep getting redirected to a “members only” page. I tried accessing my subscriptions through my account, but an option to buy the software does not appear. I am currently running a trial version of this software. I have the student priced version of Harmony on my desktop. Is it possible that you can only have -one- student version at a time?



I have student pricing on both Harmony and Storyboard Pro. However I did this when it was currently in version 4.2 (which recently was updated to 5). Maybe the new version doesn’t have student pricing associated with it yet? I was still able to update to TBSB5 because of my monthly subscription.

Thanks for the reply. Fortunately, they called me and get it settled. Now I got both programs for the student price. Very grateful for that!