Storyboarding & Script-Writing

I just found out about this great, free program for scripting, storyboarding, etc. Check it out here.


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Hi all

I have just bought the pack from toon Boom, I find i cant put it in to my Toon Boom v. 4. are the soli for Story Boad. I had hoped for a chip packs of grafics for my annimationes???

Is there any way to import thes, I am short of characturs??

Rev Wena D. Parry

Hi Ron

Please tell me a little about the free storyboard program, I have just got it but cant get thew hang of it at the moment

Wena Parry

Well, first of all you’ll need to create your storyboard sketches and scan or save them to your desktop. Next, launch Celtx and click on the Storyboard template. Click on “1. Untitled” and rename it for your first sequence or scene. Then, double-click in the box below that, navigate to the first image you want to add and select it. Continue adding more images as desired. You can also click below each image to add some text.

Here’s the really fun part: when you’re finished creating your sequence, click on “play” and you will view your sketches as a slideshow.

Click on “add sequence” to begin your next scene and repeat the process.

They also have a helpful video you can watch. Click on Storyboard on the left to start the movie.


Hi all

Is it possible to change the storyboard graphics format to somthing i can import into my Studio 4.

I had bought a bach from Toon Boom and they are a TVG, I haven’t got the Toon Boom storyboard, I am only a poor pensioner!