storyboard vs harmony

Please help me understand the uses and differences of Storyboard and Harmony. I have been using Harmony Advanced and really like it. After making several animated scenes, I realized it is difficult and clumsy to string them together using Harmony. Sound editing also seems difficult. I was told that Im not using the right software and maybe Storyboard Pro is what I want. Im confused. I looked at Storyboard Pro on the toonboom website. Does it do everything Harmony does and more. If I use Storyboard would I abandon Harmony. I have put a lot of time into learning to animate with Harmony. I dont want to switch, but I sure do want to be able to tell stories with several scenes and good sound. What would you advise?

Hello Meeganmccaffrey,

We’re happy to hear you are enjoying Harmony Advanced.
You are using the right software to create animations. Storyboard Pro is a software used for storyboarding which is a way to draft an animation before actually producing it.
To resolve your issues in Harmony, please contact our support team at They are the team best equipped to help you solve whatever issue you are encountering.

  • Toon Boom team