storyboard vs animate

If your going to create a complete animation, does it make sense to use an animation product to do both the storyboarding and animation ? Is there an advanatge to creating the storyboard first with Storyboard Pro ?

Storyboard is better for a longer project, like the whole episode or movie. Storyboard allows you to figure out the timing and directions for your acts and scenes, and camera changes. It’s much easier to go back and change things in SB. SBPro 4 has great drawing tools. So, you could make a good Motion Comic with it, but It would be difficult to do full animation and lip-syncing in SB.

Animate is going to have a long list of layers, so it’s best for short clips, like scenes and between camera changes. It would be difficult to create an entire lengthy project in Animate. A 5 minute project is about as far as I would use it.

I did a project once, before I had SB, where I drew a rough drawing of each scene in Animate. Then I brought those drawings into a movie editor that could record from a mic while watching the video in real time. I was able to make an audio scratch track and figure out the timing of the scenes.

SB is good at what it says it does, and that is making and editing storyboards with a ton of options for printing and exporting, etc.

If I may, you appear to be a novice? My advice is to start out with animation software to build your boards with. You wont get as many options as you would with SB Pro, but maybe at this stage you don’t need it. Just simplify it for now, and one day you’ll have a need for SB. Good luck!