Storyboard Try Version

Can anyone tell me what functions are missing from the try before you buy version of Storyboard. There seems to be a disparity over the Storyboard manual and the version comparison table and what is actually in the try version… :-\

There’s Storyboard and Storyboard Pro. Maybe you’re looking at the wrong manual for the demo version you’ve downloaded?

Hi…no I am looking at Storyboard and downloaded the manual from there and also compared it against the Storyboard Pro manual. I don’t see the features in Storyboard as on pages 66,67 and 68 of the manual

Storyboard Pro Trial and Storyboard are not the same.

The difference between Storyboard and Storyboard Pro can be obtained from:

Both Storyboard and Storyboard Pro have trial versions which render with a watermark and are limited to 30 panels.

I am not using Storyboard Pro, have never downloaded Storyboard Pro and did not ask about Storyboard Pro. I am asking about Storyboard standard and why on pages 66,67 & 68 of the STORYBOARD manual I do not see those features in the STORYBOARD try before you buy program


I just want to make sure we are looking at the same thing. I just downloaded the documentation and the page 66-67-68 are relating to the customization of the pdf layout. If that is the case then you can access this in the trial of Toon Boom Storyboard by doing Edit Format from the PDF Export window.

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