Storyboard Trial crashes on Lenovo Laptop

I am having problems running the storyboard pro trial on my lenovo X61 tablet PC. It crashes every time I try to draw. My Graphic card only supports 1024 x 768, I have 2 gb ram running windows vista business. Is my computer compatible? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi,What is the graphic card model and brand?The resolution should not be causing the crashes although if your card does not support OpenGL too well you may get those kinds of crashes. Also make sure to have your video card drivers up to date for this may help.Best regards,Ugo

The graphics card is the Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset with the intel mobile graphics accelerator. I updated the drivers today. I get an error that says “Display driver has stopped working” and then storyboard crash. Thanks for your help

Hi,The card itself is not officially supported. For storyboard we currently only support Nvidia brand card for they offer a much more stable support of OpenGL. We understand this is not quite convenient (especially for tablet PC) and are looking into offering other solutions but so far we have to stick with the Nvidia brand.This being said, something you could try is to go in the Edit>Preferences then under the Drawing view tab make sure Alternate Gradient and Cutter is checked. Else then that I guess you could try to play around with the other OpenGL features.Hopefully this will be of some help.Best regards,Ugo

Thanks Ugo, I will give it a shot.