Storyboard to Harmony "Failed to read sound format for ....." Blank file error

In files that I export from Storyboard Pro into Toon Boom Harmony, I keep running into the same issue. Initially, everything will look fine, I can animate, save a new file, and delete old versions and everything seems good. But when I move the folder to a different computer the files turn up blank and I get an error saying that it can’t read my audio.

In the project folders, it’s populated with empty .tvg files and the audio is in the spot it should be in the directory. I’m a bit confused and I’m having trouble finding more information about this. I’m using Harmony and Storyboard Pro in their 22 premium versions through a student license. Also, it doesn’t seem like an issue with nodes or z depth and I can’t select anything either. So sorry if I’m just misinformed or overlooking something basic. I attached the settings I used for exporting from Storyboard to Harmony. Thank you!

I did manage to fix things somehow through brute force. Not entirely sure what it was but it works now.