Storyboard - screen turns black when drawing

I’m using Storyboard 1.5 on a Quad Core 3.2GHz PC with the 1.5Gb open GL video card and dual 24" dell monitors running on Windows XP. I also have a Wacom Intous4 Large tablet. During sketching on the storyboard with the tablet, I draw my fine lines first, and then go back for the shading afterwards. I select a color for shading (any color, it doesn’t matter), I also select the “Draw Behind” checkbox so the shading doesn’t color over the outlines and sharp, fine lines within the drawing. As soon as it renders the first brush stroke, the entire Drawing View goes black. As soon as I deselect the Draw Under box and make another brush stroke, the smooth tinted shade I’ve chosen will appear, but the whole exercise is a waste of time oif my screen turns black after each breah stroke.This may not be related, but when I’m drawing with a wide, soft brush, the temporary path that traces the line being drawn is HUGE and it block most of my view of the items around it. It’s nearly impossible to draw with such a big trace line. Once the line renders it will show the line in the proper proportions and shade, but it’s impossible to know if I’m getting the coverage I need until it renders. Any suggestions for this?I appreciate any feedback.

Hi,That might be related to your video card not being up to date. Make sure that you download the latest drivers for your video card.Regards,Ugo