Storyboard random file corruptions

We are using currently version 8 build 4065, and we are experiencing lots of random file corruptions. It strted just dropping occassional panels and I ignored it… but now…today it dropped the entire audio track and half of the vision. reducing the original 13.5 GB file to approx 7.8GB meaning we lost a large portion of our storyboard for the first part of our first episode. Since the software no longer has a save-as option it isn’t easy to save temp backup versions either… This isn’t good enough. This product is sold to users with the expectation of a faster and more cost efficient process and yet it causes a lot of inefficient delays and backtracking?? go figure

Chris,Build 4065 was not a final build. Please contact support to get the Storyboard Pro release build (#4098). All the corruption issues have been fixed.Best,Sebastien

Hi Chris,You can always make a temporary backup version of your Storyboard by simply copying/pasting the entire project folder.-ron

Helloi’m using (or about to stop using) version Pro v8.1.0.4108. And i can tell u that the random file corruptions problem are not fixed. They still happen. I noticed it occurs more often when u import Bitmap backgrounds in ur project. grrr…

yes… the save as option is missing… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello Artbox,Did this corruption happen while saving across the network or on a local save? It is safer to work locally and then copy/move the to the networkafterwards.-ron

What about this one?-The instruction at “0x01bc54f2” referenced memory at “0xbc208001”. The memory could not be “written”.How can i re open that project?Thanks