Storyboard Projects from other people aren't loading drawings


I’m having a slight issue in Storyboard Pro I was wondering if anyone could help with… ?

I’m doing corrections for Storyboards that have already been created by other people, so Storyboard Pro files & their directories are being sent to me. However, when I open the SBOARD file in the directory all the panels in the storyboard show up blank. All the Script, Panel Information, Dialogue and Camera movements are there but there are no drawings.

Does anyone know what might be causing this? Grateful for any light people can shed on this. I’m using Storyboard Pro 2.5, would it be a clash of versions that might be omitting drawings?

There is a 1.5 version of Storyboard Pro but I am not aware of any 2.5 version that exists. Generally to collaborate on a project you should use the same version because newer versions of the software are able to open projects created in an older version but not the reverse.

This problem can also appear when moving the project off the internal hard drive. Other types of drives are not responsive enough to keep-up with all the small files that a typical project contains. The solution would be to zip/compress the project folder before you move it from the internal hard drive and send instead the zip file. This also has the benefit of making the project take-up less space for faster file transferring.

There was also a Storyboard Pro 2 and 3D.

Could 3D have come after 2 and have a 2.5 designation? Perhaps not. Here it is referred to as “3D 1”