Storyboard Product Key dissapears

I have Storyboard Mac 1.5 service pack 1. I need to re-enter my serial number every time I launch it. Please let me know how to fix this.

You can remedy this by doing the following:

-Uninstall Toon Boom Product by trashing the folder from Application folder.
-Login as local administrator and reinstall Toon Boom Studio and launch once.

Kindly post your results.

Thanks for your suggestion. I only had one account, which was admin level. I tried this, but to no avail. I then created another admin account and tried to install there, but got the same results.

I assume this is either a permissions issue, or a corrupt file that stores the license key. I have so far failed to locate the file that stores the key, and a permissions repair has not worked. If I knew where the file was, I could probably delete it and solve this. If it is stored in the application package, your fix should have worked.

By the way, I am having trouble with Storyboard, but Toon boom Studio is fine.

Thanks again.

Hi. Please post Storyboard inquiries in its forum and/or send an email to so we can help you with your license issue. Thanks.

Sorry, I thought I was posting in the storyboard forum. I have no clue how this ended up here. I will email support. Thanks.