Storyboard Pro

Are there any classes on-line or regional instructors where I could learn SPro actively? :wink:



I am an on-line student with Full Sail Univ.

Hi Bill
There are some video tutorials on Storyboard pro made by Sherm Cohen for ToonBoom.

He also have a website:
This very same man also have some free webinars occationally.

He has made a tutorial series av DVD’s. I haven’t had the money myself to watch it so I can’t really tell. But from the free ones on his site and having followed a couple of his webinars, I expect them to be instructive.

ToonBoom has a spesific forum for TB Storyboard users(You are now in the wrong forum) You will find it on the same page you found this forum.

There you will probably find answers to many of your questions.

Best regards

Did you check if Full Sail offering this course?