Storyboard Pro won't open my files

Hey! I recently got Storyboard Pro 5 and started trying it. But today when I wanted to open those files to continue working, the window gets smaller and finally disappear. I use a MacOs Sierra 10.12.1. Anyone is having the same problem?

This sounds similar to what I was dealing with today. Even trying to start a brand new file had a similar issue—like it was automatically minimizing the screen, but to a point you couldn’t see it any more. After restarting umpteen times and playing around, I found that changing the view brought the screen back for me. I toggled to full screen mode, then reset the view to normal. Now it seems to be working fine. Maybe it will work for you?

Hi Winsenhousen,

It’s happening the same to me… Meanwhile, have you solved the problem?


same here…